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teresa and the aquarium

Teresa and the Aquarium is a free adaptation of the short story “Teresa still looked at the Aquarium”, by Luciano Mattuella. Teresa, after winning a colorful fish tank from her husband, enters a process of catatonia. The character plunges into a universe where no one has access.

The scene is the aquarium where the daydreams of a woman petrified in the flesh appear, but she is free in her senses and free from any sense.

In “Teresa and the Aquarium”, the Company best developed its research with audiovisual technologies, the body-technology interface, the hybridization of the ever-present process with references from performance and video art. The dramaturgy was built collectively, consisting of body and multimedia images, and a deconstructed narrative, communicating through sensations, memories and intimate references. Videos captured from the scene are projected and mixed with pre-recorded films, adding layers of narrative and aesthetic reading, in an integrated way with the performance action. The multi-instrumentalist musician Roger Canal composed the soundtrack that mixes the tradition of instruments such as the trumpet, the scale and the bass drum with the sampler technology. Roger plays, sings, samples and mixes, performing music and sound environments live.

Direction: João de Ricardo

Direction Assistance: Kalisy Cabeda

Performance: Lisandro Bellotto and Sissi Betina Venturin

Video direction and operation: Bruno Gularte Barreto

Soundtrack composition and execution: Roger Canal

Light Design and Operation: Liliane Vieira

Lighting Stand-by: Carina Sehn Production: Sissi Betina Venturin and João de Ricardo

Dramaturgy: loosely inspired by Luciano Mattuella's short story “Teresa still looked at the aquarium”.

Original texts from the show by Diones Camargo, João de Ricardo, Lisandro Bellotto and Sissi Betina Venturin.

Photographs: Bruno Gularte Barreto and Pedro Karam

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