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the metamorphosis

- infestation

Metamorphosis: Infestation is a theatrical performance resulting from the  workshop PHC - Hybrid Processes of Creation, taught by the director and independent professor João de Ricardo, as a result of the artistic residency of Cia. Espaço em BRANCO in the Usina das Artes project, promoted by the city hall from Porto Alegre.

From the novel The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka and the adaptation for the theater by Júlio Zanotta, we created a performance that puts into action the delicate moment of transformation. Gregor Samsa is an ordinary guy who, trapped in an alienated work routine and dreams limited by relationships of emotional and financial dependence, wakes up transformed into a giant insect. The performance starts from the cited texts and leaves them in search of a particular scenic identity where the performers are revealed in their idiosyncrasies and KAFKA's narrative overflows to the reality of being an artist framed in a bureaucratic system. Infestation incorporates the JdR experience in the Usina das Artes project in a critical way, presenting a raw, open performance and in a constant state of mutation. The presentations will take place on the 29th and 30th of July, at 7 pm in the BRAIN - room 504 of Usina do Gasômetro. 

Metamorphosis - INFESTATION

Direction and learning processes: JdR

Dramaturgy: the group from Franz Kafka and Júlio Zanotta


Eduardo dÁvila
Luluca Luciana
and Natália Meneguzzi

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