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andy / edie

New York, 1965.The pop artist ANDY WARHOL meets EDIE SEDGWICK, a girl of only 22 years old, beautiful, rich, friend of celebrities and possessing something that he defined as "Electric Glamor". At the same time Edie maintained a troubled relationship with the young musician BOB DYLAN, who made no attempt to hide his contempt for Andy and his displeasure at the friendship between the young model and the master of POP ART. This was the context for one of the craziest and cruelest seasons in the history of Contemporary culture. In 2006, Cia. Espaço em BRANCO was awarded with the Occupancy Notice for the Teatro de Arena in Porto Alegre, granted by the State Department of Culture in order to make the assembly of unpublished shows feasible. The group occupied the Teatro de Arena for almost a year, promoting diverse activities such as musical shows, aesthetic discussion meetings, in addition to the show ANDY / EDIE, unpublished text by the playwright Diones Camargo and awarded at the FUNARTE 2005 National Drama Contest, a reflection on POP ART and its reflexes in contemporary culture.

Direction and videography: João de Ricardo

Text: Diones Camargo

Cast: Sissi Venturin, Rodrigo Scalari, Lisandro Bellotto, Alexandra Dias, Michel Capeletti and Ravena Dutra

Costume design: Lucia Pannitz

Soundtrack: Filipe Catto Set: João de Ricardo and Felipe Helfer

Lighting: Jô Fontana Videos: Bruno Gularte Barreto, Marcos Contreras and João de Ricardo

Photos: Bruno Gularte Barreto

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