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ALICE is loosely inspired by the books "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking Glass". It addresses the nonsense universe of the works and proposes the liquefaction of the barriers between stage and audience, inviting the public to Tea Time, or the Banquet of Desaniversario. Taste is one of the senses explored, the sayings "Eat me" and "Drink me", present in the first book, were the motto for the creation of the scenes. The actress develops performance actions, giving several characters particular meanings. Lewis Carroll's work is a way of reflecting on society and relationships, in a performance that does not intend to tell the story of Alice, but to be a dreamlike journey in this universe.


Direction and Performance: Sissi Betina Venturin

Orientation: Tatiana Cardoso

Video and audio operation: Leonardo Remor

Lighting: João de Ricardo

Video direction: Leonardo Remor and Sissi Betina Venturin

Photography and video editing: Leonardo Remor and Tiago Coelho

Audio editing: Marcos Lopes

Stopmotion finish: Daniel Laimer

Illustration and Graphic Design: Talita Hoffmann

Collaboration: Carlos Mödinger, Fernando Bakos, João de Ricardo, Leonardo Machado and Marina Mendo

Support: Falos & Stercus Group

Photographs: Tiago Coelho, Rafael Avancini and Bruno Gularte Barreto

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