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the hunger

Winner of the Ponto de Teatro Edital from the Ling Institute, FOME had its debut season in September this year, within the Porto Alegre em Cena Festival program.

On November 14th and 15th, the Company makes two presentations of A FOME, on Wednesday and Thursday, at 8 pm at the Carlos Carvalho Theater of the Casa de Cultura Mário Quintana.

FOME is a monologue written by Marcos Contreras and Sissi Betina Venturin, also an actress in the show, directed by João de Ricardo. Between unpalatable revelations and the exposure of a voracious hunger for life, HUNGER incorporates mythical and critical circumstances about the feminine in a boundary performance between ritual and cyber. It is the last day, a rite of passage that needs to be completed, whatever the cost. Reflecting on stunning love and family relationships, the show shows this woman without a name or space that expands, guided by a primitive and relentless flame. Through the teeth you will discover the most intense way to consume love, the other and its shadow.

In this project, Cia. Espaço em BRANCO continues the investigation of a collaborative show that grows in contact with the other, dialoguing with the spectator's creative enjoyment and proposing to be a sensory, critical and poetic experience. During the performance of the dramaturgical performance, the report is violent, ironic and absurd. The show goes through the route of the scenic presentation of a primal instinct, hunger, which is born out of chaos and incorporates itself with the strength of a pagan goddess in a woman.

The character shows itself in pieces: mouth, vagina, head, a woman who talks non-stop, a close relative of Beckett's characters.

Using live sound and video technologies, the show enhances the scenic images and soundscapes generated by the actress, making the said text a multisensory fabric that addresses the viewers as a whole: reason and instinct, ego and unconscious, souls and bodies.

Direction: João de Ricardo

Performance: Sissi Betina Venturin

Dramaturgy: Marcos Contreras and Sissi Betina Venturin

Soundtrack: Daniel Roitman and group

Lighting: Carina Sehn

Videos: Jana Castoldi

Costumes and production: João de Ricardo and Sissi Betina Venturin

Realization: Cia. Espaço em BRANCO

Poster: Martino Piccinini

Photography: Morgana Mazzon

Age recommendation: 18 years

Running time: 80 minutes

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