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red light district baal

Germany, 1918. A young man of just 20 years old, Bertold Brecht, finishes writing his first theatrical text: BAAL. Brazil, 1968. A young man in his early 20s, Rogério Sganzerla, finishes his first film: O Bandido da Luz Vermelha. Porto Alegre, 2018. On the 100th anniversary of BAAL and the 50th anniversary of BANDIDO, João de Ricardo hatches the dragon's egg at the PHC Show Assembly Workshop (hybrid creation processes) giving rise to BAAL DA LUZ VERMELHA, a show of learning born in the space between the works of Brecht and Sganzerla and Brazil today. Both BAAL and BANDIDO celebrate marginality as a power of subversion, as a metaphor for the artist's condition in a context steeped in intolerance. The works immerse themselves in human contradictions, the good that hurts and the evil that redeems, making the anti-hero a horse mounted by the madness of creation. In times of institutional decay and the dismantling of any project to preserve and encourage culture, in times of constant attacks on minorities, BAAL da LUZ Vermelha appears as a punch in the morality of underwear and a celebration of art steeped in life and resistance. In BAAL da LUZ VERMELHA, viewers are invited to descend into hell in a collective, psychotropic and musical performance. Perhaps when we confront BAAL and its incredible fiery power, we can empower ourselves with our own shadows.

Direction / pedagogical process: JdR - João de Ricardo

With: Gabriel Ignácio, Giorgia Fiorini, Reynaldo Neto and Saimon Rodriguês

Costumes and Makeup: the group

Space and Light: JdR

Soundtrack: the group

Dramaturgy: JdR and group inspired by “BAAL” by Bertold Brecht and O Bandido da Luz Vermelha, by Rogério Sganzerla.

Graphic art: Kika Simone, Gabriel Ignácio and JDR

A realization: Cia. Espaço em Branco

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