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doll's anatomy

The surprise when starting the process of dissecting the female body was not to find viscera and blood, but other women, images and behaviors. Here the feminine is not being genetically female, but a construction of behavior defined by the scenario of each social and aesthetic culture. The feminine occurs through action, that is, a construction that is ultimately performative. Anatomy of the Doll, premiered in 2010, is the journey through these phantom behaviors found in this sensitive surgery, a public return of the public matter that forms them. Judith Butler, in the book Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity, establishes dialogues with different authors, among which Simone de Beauvoir stands out. In the debate with the writer, Butler points out the limits of these gender analyzes that, according to her, presuppose and define in advance the possibilities of the imaginable and achievable configurations of gender in culture. Starting from the emblematic statement “We are not born a woman, we become a woman”, Butler points to the fact that “there is nothing in his [de Beauvoir] explanation that guarantees that the 'being' who becomes a woman is necessarily female” .

Creation: Andressa Cantergiani and João de Ricardo

Direction: João de Ricardo

Performance and dramaturgy: Andressa Cantergiani

Direction, live video and dramaturgy: João de Ricardo

Video creation: Fernanda Ferretti, Lívia Massei, Andressa Cantergiani and João de Ricardo

Light creation: Carina Sehn

Costume design: Andressa dos Anjos

Body prostheses: Cisco Vasquez

Movement Preparation and Orientation: Evandro Pedroni

Space and props: Andressa Cantergiani and João de Ricardo

Soundtrack: Barracuda Project - Eduardo Norman and Mariane Kirsch

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