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polaroids made in dance

Polaroids Made in Dance, continues the collaborative processes of the collective Espaço em BRANCO, investing in the dialogue between dance, theater and visual arts. The show is composed of countless pictures that reveal the daily life of a contemporary metropolis. From personal accounts of the participants, to actions that think about man within society. Several places in the city were filmed and invaded the stage, showing Porto Alegre in its many points of view and corners. The cinema as a possibility to include “frames” of the urban fabric in the performing arts. The individual and his space, personal stories versus collective stories, where the inside and the outside mix in the dance of life that is configured as a space full of humanities.
The artists explore the concept of polaroid photography through the “revealed memories” of each one. Snapshots of life; love and hate stories, where each piece of memory of those involved composes a mosaic of true stories mixed with fiction, manipulating and transforming this material into a series of performances for the stage through the various artistic fields in agency. It had as a starting point a proposed script, which became the hand of the performers, unfolding in other possible universes. Stories that at first do not connect to each other, but that reveal the personal, affective, social and imaginary world of the participants.

Performers: Cris Eifler, Junior Grandi and Leonardo Jorgelewicz

Direction and production: Lisandro Bellotto

Assistant Director: Luciana Hoppe

Videographers: Bruno Gularte Barreto and Maurício Casiragui

Intern: Felipe de Jesus Workshop Hybrid Processes of Creation Vol. IX: João de Ricardo

Executive Production: Andressa Cantergiani and Cris Eifler

Lighting: Lucca Simas

Sound Intervention: Felipe Gue Martini and Breno Dallas

Searched soundtrack: Lisandro Bellotto

Costumes: Amanda Dornelles and group

Photos: Bruno Gularte Barreto

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