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The project Cia. Espaço em Branco - Janelas Criativas held an immersive season of its  shows more  recent exhibitions, in July 2021. Tocar Paraíso , A Fome e Paraíso Afogado  in its most recent versions of kino-theatre, specially adapted for video and which add characteristics of theatrical and cinematographic languages, thinking of further radicalizing the spectator's experience into the scene.  

Keep an eye on our networks as we'll be back soon with a new season!

Synopsis of the shows shown:

play paradise

Also displayed with audio description, subtitles and LIBRAS

The train from the West passes quickly and doesn't even stop, it has no way to stop, it runs over everyone following its blind flow. It's progress. Energy comes from profit, it comes from the model of civilization based on capitalism. Profit is the life sucked out of people and nations that sink amid toxic waste. Thomas Köck's text admits the absurdity of theater in face of life, making use of different possibilities of structuring the writing for the scene, the author goes from the lyrical to the dramatic and the epic, to tell stories crossed by trains. The irony runs through the scenic language, revealing the critical sediment that the text brings in relation to the western civilizing path...  

The hunger

Also displayed with POUNDS

The show follows the route of the scenic presentation of a primal instinct, hunger, which is born from chaos and is incorporated with the force of a pagan goddess in a woman. The character is shown in pieces: mouth, vagina, head, a woman who talks non-stop, a close relative of Beckett's characters. The account is violent, ironic and absurd. It's the last day, a rite of passage that needs to be completed, whatever the cost. Reflecting on stunning love relationships and family, the show shows this woman without a name or space that expands guided by a primitive and relentless flame, through her teeth she will discover the most intense way to consume love, the other and its shadow.


drowned paradise

Also displayed with POUNDS

Tides of words and rubbish bring memories and waste left by a civilization that has long inhabited and decimated the Earth. A family from the 1990s in Europe (or was it from Porto Alegre?) produces its future with its father's dream of being a liberal professional and the maturing of his daughter, the young dancer. One hundred years earlier, in the Manaus of the rubber boom, the Barons ordered the construction of the Teatro Amazonas to an idealist German architect, who arrived not only to build a theater, but to teach the natives about revolution: new times for new men. This apocalyptic journey is now just an abandoned HARD_DISK in space. Edited fragments and corrupt files. Kino-theatre, the stage became a canvas.

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