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man who does not live from the glory of the past

The loneliness and the bizarre desire for success that accompany contemporary man are dissected in this authorial and beating show. Ironic and surreal story of an ordinary guy, isolated in the back of his apartment, only having contact with life through computer screens and television. A João who finds himself challenged by a limit situation: one day, without any explanation, all the women in the world die. João will have to make drastic decisions to stay alive. Decisions that will put you face to face with the limits of your “civilization”, but that could make you a successful man. Winner of the FUNARTE Award for Theater Myriam Muniz 2009, the show premiered in 2010 at the Teatro de Câmara in Porto Alegre.

Direction and Dramaturgy: Bruno Gularte Barreto and João de Ricardo

Performer: João de Ricardo

Lighting: Carina Sehn

Original soundtrack and live performance: Douglas Dickel

Videos: Bruno Gularte Barreto and João de Ricardo

Camera, General and multimedia assistance: Pedro Karam

Multimedia assistance and finishing: Caroline Barrueco

Production and Direction Assistance: Sissi Venturin

Photographs: Bruno Gularte Barreto and Adriano Czarnobay

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