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The first show of Cia. Espaço em BRANCO was created in 2004 inside the Federal University of RS (UFRGS), where the members studied. It is a comedy of black humor that tells through the game of five actors the story of the destruction and death of a very rich family. After the eldest son, a young and rebellious artist, returns from an exchange abroad with an incurable disease and finds in the garden of the mansion a bone of a strange animal, the masks used by the other members of the family begin to fall.

Incest, betrayals, consumerist compulsion, hypochondria, hysteria and a total lack of respect for others are the perfect ingredients for the cauldron of black humor provided by the story.

Extinction is an eschatological tale, one of these stories that, like the Christian apocalypse or Eastern myths, give an account of the end of man and the planet itself, where god is sold as Prozac by televisions and shopping centers have become temples of forgetfulness, anesthetics for any form of painful reflection.


Direction: João de Ricardo

Cast: Evelyn Ligocki, Lisandro Bellotto, Marcos Contreras, Rodrigo Scalari and Sissi Venturin

Text: Cia. BRANCO space freely inspired by Nicky Silver's dramaturgical universe

Videos: Bruno Barreto, Marcos Contreras and João de Ricardo

Researched Soundtrack: João de Ricardo

Costumes: Lucia Panitz Scenography: João de Ricardo e Cia. Space in WHITE

Fossil: Roger Kichalowsky e Cia. Blank space

Light: Jô Fontana

Production: Cia Espaço em BRANCO

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