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The director, performer and independent teacher JdR - João de Ricardo has been, since 2004, in front of Cia. Espaço em BRANCO, working on the creation of authorial shows that extend to the contact with the languages of video, performance, dance, music and poetry. , producing works with dramaturgy and original soundtracks that combine art and technology.

Cia. Develops artistic performance as a method of work and aesthetic thinking and pedagogy as a way to expand the areas of contact and active interference with the community. The workshop of creation of theatrical performances Hybrid Processes of Creation, articulated by the director, has already been held in important cultural institutions such as Porto Alegre em Cena, the Bienal do Mercosul and the Cultural Workshops of the State of São Paulo.

The shows invest in the creative autonomy of the artists, in the physicality of the performances and in the power of the images on stage, provoking the viewer as an active and creative agent. The pedagogical character of theatrical art is developed as a process of constant creation. Performance explodes the limits between languages, allowing the movement of bodies to emerge.

Her first show, EXTINÇÃO - The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Alive received public and critical recognition, being awarded the Açorianos Trophy, from the city of Porto Alegre - RS, for best supporting actress for Sissi Venturin. It was cited by the press as one of the most exciting shows of 2004: “Extinction fanned the Porto Alegre theater scene, always so focused on commercial productions” (Luiz Paulo Vasconcellos - Revista Aplauso), “A modern and provocative group” (Renato Mendonça - Zero hour).

In 2006, the Company was awarded the Notice of Occupation of the Teatro de Arena in Porto Alegre, granted by the State Department of Culture with the objective of making the assembly of unpublished shows feasible. The group occupied the Teatro de Arena for almost a year, promoting diverse activities such as musical shows, meetings of aesthetic discussion, and can create the show ANDY / EDIE, an unpublished text by the playwright Diones Camargo and awarded at the FUNARTE 2005 National Drama Competition, a reflection on POP ART and its reflexes in contemporary culture.

In 2008, he won the Habitasul Stage Award for Scenic Editing, debuting in December at the Theatro São Pedro de Porto Alegre his third show, TERESA AND THE AQUARIUM. The play is the group's first process in the investigation of performance art. He completed successful seasons in 2009 and 2010, was on the programming of the festivals "Porto Alegre em Cena", "Caxias em Cena", and "Janeiro de Grandes Espetáculo", in Recife. EM TRÂNSITO is a monologue about a guy stuck in a traffic jam, premiered in 2009, is an authorial and independent production with text by João de Ricardo and first direction by Sissi Venturin.

At the end of 2009, the company debuted ALICE, a performance by Sissi Venturin loosely inspired by the work of Lewis Carroll. She was also awarded the FUNARTE Myriam Muniz Award, thus creating the solo performance of JdR - João de Ricardo MAN WHO DOES NOT LIVE FROM THE GLORY OF THE PAST created in partnership with filmmaker Bruno Gularte Barreto, which debuted in March 2010.

Still in 2010, he started the process of creating ANATOMIA DA BONECA, an authorial show by Andressa Cantergiani and JdR - João de Ricardo about the female pop universe financed by FINANCIARTE in Caxias do SUL - RS.

In 2013, he debuted his first contemporary dance show POLARÓIDES MADE IN DANÇA, directed by Lisandro Bellotto. The project was financed by FUMPROARTE, from Porto Alegre - RS.

In 2014, the Company celebrated ten years of activities by launching a successful crowdfunding project on the CATARSE website, aiming at material improvements in its repertoire shows that returned.

Since 2015, Cia. Espaço em BRANCO has participated, as a resident of the Usina das Artes project, promoted by the Secretariat of Culture of the Porto Alegre City Hall. The CÉREBRO - Sede da Cia. Space in WHITE in room 504 of Usina do Gasômetro was created through the possibilities of a short-term work in a studio. In it were created 4 theatrical performances directed by JdR through

PHC: - Rodrigofagia - Love me BOY KILL me MACHINE, Prata-Paraíso and The Metamorphosis - Infestation).

In 2017, the Company was nominated for 4 categories in the Açorianos Theater Award: Best Show, best direction, best Actor and best dramaturgy, for the show Prata-PARAÍSO. He received the distinction of BEST SHOW and Best Actor for Andrew Tassinari.

In 2018, the company won the Ponto de Teatro public notice from the LING Institute and was able to perform the show A FOME. The show received the award for best Dramaturgy at the Premio Açorianos 2018 and Best Actress at the Brasken Award for Sissi Betina Venturin.

In 2019, the Company was awarded the TRASIT notice, promoted by the Goethe-INSTITUT Porto Alegre and premiered the show TOCAR PARAÍSO - based on the text by Thomas Köck. The work was nominated in ten categories at the 2019 Açorianos Award receiving the following distinctions: Best Performance, Best Direction for João de Ricardo and best actress for Evelin Ligocki.

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