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in transit

Piece written during the construction process of Teresa and the Aquarium by director João de Ricardo, inspired by the works of improvisation and reports by actor Lisandro Bellotto and references from his own childhood marked by the presence of his maternal grandfather, João. cultivating superficial and fleeting relationships with diverse partners without names, often without faces, the man, character in Em Transit, feels lost and ends up becoming a dynamo of violence that makes up the society that surrounds him. There is bitterness in his daily life, his childhood memories become a pleasant escape in the midst of the storm. He's in his car, stuck in a traffic jam, torrential rain is falling, it's winter. His cell phone rings insistently, the man without answering the call, enraged, daydreams about his life, his desires and his childhood. He doesn't know what awaits him on the other side of the phone

Direction and Production: Sissi Venturin

Performance: Lisandro Bellotto

Dramaturgy and videos: João de Ricardo

Lighting: Mariana Terra

Sound and Costume Design: Sissi Venturin

Photos: Bruno Gularte Barreto


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