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The train from the West passes quickly and doesn't even stop, it has no way to stop, it runs over everyone following its blind flow. It's progress. Energy comes from profit, it comes from the model of civilization based on capitalism. Profit is the life sucked out of people and nations that sink amid toxic waste. Thomas Köck's text admits the absurdity of theater in face of life, making use of different possibilities of structuring the writing for the scene, the author goes from the lyrical to the dramatic and the epic, to tell stories crossed by trains. Irony runs through the scenic language, revealing the critical sediment that the text brings in relation to the western civilizing path.


Cast: Anildo Böes, Eduardo d'Avila, Evelyn Ligocki, Fernanda Carvalho Leite, Iandra Cattani, João de Ricardo, Rodrigo Fernandez

Direction: João de Ricardo  

Audiovisual director: Bruno Gularte Barreto and João de Ricardo

Photography director: Bruno Polidoro

Production management and management assistance: Shico Menegat

Text: paradies spielen - Thomas Köck

Translation: Christine Röhrig

Text adaptation: Cia. Espaço em Branco

Lighting creation: João de Ricardo and Lucca Simmas

Lighting operation: Carlos Azevedo

Soundtrack and sound design: Deni Roitman

Direct sound: Fábio Baltar

Mounting and coloring: Pedro Valadão

Production assistance: Bruno Mros, Gabriela Maltz, Sissi Betina Venturin

1st camera assistant: Juliano Possebon Ferreira

2nd camera assistant: Rodrigo Pannacci

steadycam operator: Juliano Dutra  

Costumes: Cia Espaço em Branco

Electric: Thales Ramses

Machinery: Father Lívio

Machinery transport: Hugo Guimarães  

Camera van: Cassio Bulgari

Songs: L'inverno" (Winter) - Vivaldi; Italy - Sônia Rocha; Angola - Sônia Rocha; O Guarani - Carlos Gomes; Motherless Child - Unknown Author; Communist International - Pierre De Geyter; Free Way - Walney Costa




Creative Windows Project Team:


Project production and management: João de Ricardo, Shico Menegat, Sissi Betina Venturin  

Executive Production: Shico Menegat

Visual identity: Martino Piccinini

Social media: Emanuelle Silveira, Karol Scardiglia

Website design Cia. Espaço em Branco: Pyetra Salles

Financial advice: Faccioni Contabilidade

Accessibility Production: UFO Universal Accessibility




UFO Team Universal Accessibility


Audio description script: Mimi Aragón

Consulting: Rafael Braz

Narration: Rodrigo Sacco Teixeira

Recording, editing and mixing: Bruno Klein

Subtitles: Kemi Oshiro

Review: Eva Mothci, Bruna Branco

Translation for LIBRAS: Bruna Branco, Celina Xavier Neta

Interpretation: Celina Xavier Neta

Assembly and Finishing: Oven FX




Support: Bar Ocidental, Goethe-Institut Porto Alegre, Med Gastro Giardino Mediterranean, Naymar, Piatto Grill, Prato Verde, R Camera, Suprem


Production: Cia. Espaço em Branco

In carrying out this project, the entire team respected the safety protocols in the fight against COVID-19 in force at the time.

Project carried out with resources from the Aldir Blanc Law nº 14.017/2020.


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