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the hunger

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The show follows the route of the scenic presentation of a primal instinct, hunger, which is born from chaos and is incorporated with the force of a pagan goddess in a woman. The character is shown in pieces: mouth, vagina, head, a woman who talks non-stop, a close relative of Beckett's characters. The account is violent, ironic and absurd. It's the last day, a rite of passage that needs to be completed, whatever the cost. Reflecting on stunning love relationships and family, the show shows this woman without a name or space that expands guided by a primitive and relentless flame, through her teeth she will discover the most intense way to consume love, the other and its shadow.


Direction of the show: João de Ricardo

Performance:  Sissi Betina Venturin

Dramaturgy:  Sissi Betina Venturin,  Contreras Landmarks

Audiovisual direction:  Bruno Gularte Barreto,  João de Ricardo

Photography direction:  Bruno Polidoro

Production management and management assistance:  Shico Menegat

Show production:  João de Ricardo,  Sissi Betina Venturin

Creating scenic lighting:  Carol Zimmer

Light Operation:  Leandro Gass

Soundtrack and sound editing and design:  Deni Roitman

Direct sound:  Fabio Baltar

Mounting:  Ana Girardello,  Pedro Valadao

Colorization and video finishing:  Pedro Valadao

Videos insert scenes "Kali" and "Lívia":  Jana Castoldi

"Kali" makeup:  Juliane Senna

Costume:  João de Ricardo,  Sissi Betina Venturin

Production assistance:  Juliana Franarin

1st camera assistant:  Juliano Possebon Ferreira

2nd camera assistant:  Tuane Eggers

steadycam operator:  Juliano Dutra

Electric:  Thales Ramses

Light and Sound Technician:  André Hanauer

Maintenance assistant:  Sergio Custodio

Machinery transport:  Hugo Guimaraes  

Songs:  Andante - Italian Concerto BWV 971 For Recorder and Strings: Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) (Arrangement: Anna Fusek (1981). Live Recording: 2014, December);  Antonio Vivaldi Concerto for flute, strings and bc. RV 443.

Accessibility production:  UFO Universal Accessibility

Translation for LIBRAS: Bruna Branco,  Celina Xavier Neta

POUNDS Interpretation:  Celina Xavier Neta

Assembly and completion POUNDS:  FX oven



Creative Windows project team:


Project production and management:  João de Ricardo,  Shico Menegat,  Sissi Betina Venturin  

Executive production:  Shico Menegat

Visual identity:  Martino Piccinini

Social media:  Emanuelle Silveira,  Karol Scardiglia

Website design Cia. Espaço em Branco:  Pyetra Salles

Financial advisory:  Accounting Faction




Support:  Med Gastro Giardino Mediterranean,  Western,  R Camera,  Supreme,  St. Peter's Theater


Production:  Cia. Espaço em Branco

In carrying out this project, the entire team respected the safety protocols in the fight against COVID-19 in force at the time.


Project carried out with resources from the Aldir Blanc Law nº 14.017/2020.

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