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drowned paradise

In the show Paraíso Afogado, with text by Thomas Köck, tides of words and garbage bring memories and waste left by a civilization that has long inhabited and decimated the Earth. A European (or was it from Porto Alegre?) family from the 1990s produces its future with the father's dream of being a liberal professional and the maturing of his daughter, a young dancer. One hundred years earlier, in Manaus during the rubber boom, the Barons ordered the construction of the Teatro Amazonas from an idealist German architect, who arrived in the forest not only to build a theater, but to teach the natives about revolution: new times for new men.

This apocalyptic journey is now just an abandoned HARD_DISK in space. Edited fragments and corrupt files. Prologue and epilogue: the post-parks weave and destroy a piece full of bodies drowned in cacophonous glitches and tropical noises. Kino-theatre, the stage became canvas.

Directed by: João de Ricardo - JdR

Text: Thomas Köck

Translation: Christine Röhrig | Goethe-Institut Porto Alegre support

Adaptation: Cia. Espaço em Branco from Paradies Fluten

Cast: Anildo Böes, Eduardo d'Avila, Evelyn Ligocki, Fernanda Carvalho Leite, JdR, Rodrigo Fernandez, Shico Menegat, Sissi Betina Venturin

Soundtrack: Deni Roitman and Rodrigo Fernandez; Special guest appearance by Filipe Catto

Sound editing and design: Deni Roitman

Lighting: Cia. Espaço em Branco

Costume: Cia. Espaço em Branco

Editing: Ana Girardello

After Effects: Lucifer Kabra

Audiovisual collaboration: Bruno Gularte Barreto

Guest narration: Carlos Azevedo and Yael Prizant

Theoretical and dramaturgical research: Cia. Espaço em Branco and Yael Prizant

Executive production: JdR and Shico Menegat

Production: Cia. Espaço em Branco

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