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A learning spectacle through PHC, Rodrigophagy took into account Cia Espaço em BRANCO's creative processes based on the relationship between performance, spectacle and technologies, in dialogue with the textual universe of the Spanish-Argentine playwright Rodrigo Garcia.  With the challenge of being in an inevitable here-now, the research is directed towards live composition, where spectators and performers share this limit zone of creation. What is unveiled is a collective plunge into dehumanized relationships by the incessant dispute over capital and power.  An instigating performance that privileges action as a poetic and political possibility. An x-ray of Brazil that escapes categorization, paradoxical and astonishing when observed through our bowels.

Directed by: João de Ricardo and Lisandro Bellotto

Performers: Andrew Tassinari, Carol Martins, Fill Ravizon, João Gabriel Om, Lucas Reis, Marco Marchessano, João de Ricardo and Lisandro Bellotto

Art direction (clothing, space, objects and light): João de Ricardo  

Videos: João de Ricardo, João Gabriel Om (live video editing and operation) and Felipe Ravizon

Researched soundtrack: The group

Graphic design: João de Ricardo

Photos: Bruno Gularte Barreto

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